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Buy Syngenta Turf Nozzles and Art of Application Kit

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XC nozzles close up on sprayer

Syngenta Art of Application tools and prices below. All prices shown exclude VAT:

Syngenta Turf XC Nozzles


£130.00 + VAT per set of 13. Please specify nozzle size required: 025; 04 or 08. P&P £5.50

Syngenta Calibration Checker System


P&P £5.00

Syngenta Nozzle Height Indicators


P&P £2.00

Syngenta Art of Application DVD


P&P £2.00

Syngenta Art of Application Kit

Contains one set of the Syngenta Turf Folliar Nozzles (13), along with a Syngenta Calibration Checker System, pair of Nozzle Height Indicators, DVD and full instructions.


P&P £5.00

New nozzle cap fitings to enable use of Syngenta Turf XC Nozzles with Toro and Hardi sprayers. Also allows use of all other international standard nozzles.

Hardi sprayer adapters£2.50 each

P&P £3.00 per order

Hypro standard bayonet and washer

£25 for 10 (£2.50 each) including P&P

 £1 for 10 washers including P&P

* All prices are subject to VAT. Credit card details required.

To order call 0800 652 4215