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Greencast Turf App aids faster and accurate spraying

A new mobile-phone App from Syngenta has given greenkeepers and turf managers the opportunity to improve the efficiency of all spray applications, as well as maintain their spray records simply and effectively.

The Turf App has simplified spray recommendation information and eliminated the need for manual record keeping.

The free App, available now for Apple and android smart phones or tablets, has directly addressed the key concerns of greenkeepers and agronomists for spray record keeping and improving application techniques.

Using the Turf App, Course Managers or agronomists can quickly and easily create any required recommendations, which can be sent direct to the sprayer operator - cutting out the risk of errors or misinterpretation of verbal or written instructions.

Furthermore, the information can be sent back to the office to compile a comprehensive and accurate report of precisely what has been applied, where and when.

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Introducing the new App, Syngenta Business Manager, Daniel Lightfoot, reported a survey of BIGGA greenkeepers and course managers had clearly identified the need for the new technology.

With over 150 survey respondents, over 85% declared that they would use a free App to compile their spray records - with 35% wanting to adopt it straight away and half looking to evaluate and integrate the information.

From the survey, over 100 Greenkeepers, Course Managers, agronomists and sprayer operators had already registered to receive a priority early download of the app.

Key findings from BIGGA Survey - Your chance to shape the future of spray record keeping

  • Over 85% would use a mobile-device app for record keeping
  • 90% of operators have access to smart phone technology on the course
  • 78% don't find existing recording systems quick or easy
  • Manual book or paper files are used by 96% of courses
  • Over 80% of operators make up tank-mixes

The survey identified that the majority of courses use a combination of record systems, with duplication of manual sheets, spray books and databases. "Being able to consolidate records into one place will simplify the process and make the information more accessible.

"Good record keeping can be invaluable in evaluating what worked most effectively under specific conditions for an individual course or facility - and enable better decision making in the future," he advised.

It was also found that nearly 90% of survey respondents had access to a smart phone or tablet on the course, making the technology more accessible and easy to use than ever.

Daniel added the survey had revealed over 80% of operators are making up tank-mixes for application, with half of them doing so frequently or for every application. "With many using more complex tank-mix combinations to save time and money for applications the guidance provided by the app will prove invaluable."

With the App tank-mixes and recommendations can now be created and saved for later application - optimising use of time and ensuring operators are ready to go when conditions are right. This can also aid store management and help to ensure sufficient products has been ordered and available when required. 

The easy to use auto-fill product database now includes the complete Syngenta product range, along with a detailed full resource of fertiliser and turf health products from ICL. Any additional products can be added into to a custom database, which will be available for instant reference with subsequent applications.

The app can be fully customised to an individuals' own golf course or facility, including details such as turf areas, sprayer details and operators, which can be quickly included during the spray recommendation process and for the course records.


Click here to download a tutorial of what the app can do for you and how to use it. 2.21 mb

It also gives operators a nozzle recommendation to optimise application for any given water volume and spray target, including the ideal Syngenta XC Nozzle to deliver the best result.

Integrated with the Syngenta Turf website, it provides instant on-line application tools and calculators to enable quick and accurate sprayer set-up and calibration to get the best possible results from every application.

"The app is a milestone in the best practice for spray application for the turf industry, and the effective stewardship of amenity pesticide use," added Daniel. "It further reinforces the professional approach of greenkeepers and turf managers for responsible use and protection of the environment."

The app is available for free download from the iTunes Store or Google Play.

Key features of the GreenCast Turf App:

  • Compiles complete spray records
  • Creates tank-mix recommendations
  • Provides application advice
  • Quick linked with GreenCast website
  • Fully customizable for individual courses


Click here to download a tutorial of what the app can do for you and how to use it. 2.21 mb