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Greencast Sweden - Sweden GreenCast website fully operational.


GreenCast in Sweden now fully operational

The new Syngenta turf management website for Sweden, site is dedicated to providing greenkeepers, sports turf managers and advisors with the latest information and techniques to help them manage playing surfaces more proactively. GreenCast, is now fully operational.

Syngenta GreenCast Manager, Caroline Carroll, reported that the Nordic turf team had worked hard to resolve initial technical difficulties with the website. "Regrettably the website encountered some operational issues at the time of its launch; we are sorry for the inconvenience caused for those who initially registered and visited the site. These problems have now been resolved and the information provided continues to evolve and increase," she said.

The free service now gives registered users a detailed local five-day weather forecast, including features selected specifically that are relevant to turf management - such as soil temperatures, duration of rainfall events and conditions suitable for spray application.

Technical details on the site include innovative application techniques, turf disease management advice and Syngenta Nordics Turf Business Manager, Lars Tveter, added: "GreenCast gives greenkeepers essential advice and topical information that will help them to make better proactive decisions to protect turf health and enhance playing surface quality.

"Syngenta continues to develop exciting new products and support tools to improve the efficiency and results of turf management in Sweden," he advised. "GreenCast enables people to get the best possible results from every application." Whilst the resources are currently specific to Sweden, greenkeepers from other Nordic countries can also benefit from the wealth of information. full product details, along with best use guidelines.

Turf managers, agronomists and students can register for the GreenCast website at