Turf Academy Nordics. Professional turf education.


We welcome all turf professionals across the Nordics to join our online academy to gain new insights together with industry colleagues. We are launching Turf Academy, Nordics. Education and development programme for dedicated professionals within sports turf and landscape. 

Our Turf Academy will give you the opportunity to join webinars led by both familliar and new lecturers. High quality, knowledgeable and experienced speakers combined with certifications, newsletters and a connected reward programme will give the curious proffessionals an edge in preparing and maintaining turf. 

Academy platforms
The Syngenta Turf Academy will consist of online events using the Zoom platform as our main channel. The Zoom app must be downloaded to attend academy sessions. In addition, the events will be broadcasted live on Facebook and will also be uploaded to our YouTube channel.

Free education - including turf points
Turf Academy is completely free to attend for anyone interested. In countries where Turf Rewards is launched greenkeepers can earn Turf Rewards points by attending. Each participant can earn 1 Turf Rewards point per session. Participants who attend all four sessions will receive 5 turf points. To receive points the participant must register for each event, and attend the event via Zoom. Using Facebook or Youtube to watch the event will not qualify for turf points. After the events all participants will receive a voucher/certificate per mail. This certificate can also be used to claim Turf Rewards points. More on Turf Rewards

Four upcoming sessions, winter & spring 2021
Our first four academy sessions will cover topics such as application, GDD, Overtake (our new herbicide) and coming out of winter. The topics are planned and assembled with the goal of preparing and maintaining turf in the best possible manner. Part one of the webinar starts on the 26th of January, so clear your schedule for these coming events.

26th of January

  • Sprayer set up and trouble shooting
  • Introduction to XC nozzles
  • Introduction to Overtake 
  • Best practice for application for turf selective herbicide

11th of February

  • What are Growth Degree days
  • What can we measure with them?
  • How to use them in your program
  • ​How to use the Syngenta GDD Tool

25th of February

  • What is Overtake?
  • Product information
  • Benefits using Overtake
  • Research and development trials
  • Best practice

11th of March

  • Abiotic stresses
  • Seedling and establishment
  • Water management

All Turf Academy events will be hosted by Lars Tveter, Business Manager, Turf Nordics, and with lectures from high quality, knowledgeable and experienced speakers. Each presentation will last approximately 1 hour. All events will be conducted in english.

Main presenters winter and spring 2021

Please use the link below to register for the Turf Academy session(s) you wish to participate.

Welcome to Syngenta Turf Academy, Nordics!