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Greencast Sweden - Temperatures are rising - Get ready for Primo Maxx


We have been tracking soil temperatures in your area of Sweden - using the innovative turf management website, GreenCast. It has identified the conditions for turf growth has improved quickly over recent weeks. Experience indicates that, once soil temperatures consistently exceed 10°C, it is the optimum time to start your spring Primo Maxx programme.

Key Turf Growth Temperatures

Example soil temperatures from Stockholm

Years of research, trials and practical experience has shown Primo Maxx is most effective during conditions most conducive to turf growth - especially in spring and early summer.

For initial Primo Maxx applications this spring, it is advisable to start the programme with a half-rate treatment, to gently move the turf plants into growth regulation mode. For follow up applications you can safely use the full rate and recommended treatment timings. It is always advocated to include an appropriate rate of liquid N in the Primo Maxx tank-mix to maintain turf health and vigour.

As a general rule, when growing conditions are good - warm, moist and bright - the frequency and rate of Primo Maxx application should be increased; if seasonal conditions are dry, cool or dull, however, the application frequency may be extended.

Keep track of growing conditions once the Primo Maxx programme starts:

The benefits of Primo Maxx can be seen across the golf course, from tee to green. 

The free GreenCast website is an invaluable tool to help you track and predict weather conditions and potential turf growth rates, to enable the most effective pro-active Primo Maxx timing.