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Greencast Sweden - New Nordics Business Manager Lars Tveter


New Nordics Business Manager 

Syngenta has appointed Lars Tveter as the company's first Turf & Landscape Business Manager for the Nordics. Lars combines his wealth of knowledge and experience from over 10 years as a highly respected greenkeeper, with the essential business skills he has developed as General Manager of Sveio Golfpark, Haugaland in south west Norway.

Lars is currently President of the Norwegian Greenkeepers Association. He has studied Greenkeeping at Gjennestad and at the Agricultural University of Norway, and was responsible for the development and grow-in of the premier 18-hole course at Sveio.

"We see that greenkeepers are under ever increasing pressure from players and golf clubs to produce high quality playing surfaces earlier in the season," reported Lars. "The exciting new technologies and options being developed and now introduced in Sweden, Norway and the Nordics give them the opportunity to achieve better results more consistently and cost effectively."

Syngenta invests over $1bn per year in pioneering research and development R&D. Based in Switzerland, the company has global research facilities, including dedicated turf R&D centres in Europe and America that have been instrumental in developing new solutions for Nordic turf managers.

All new developments have been backed by extensive independent local trials across Sweden and other Nordic countries. Lars will be part of a Turf & Landscape team providing a high level of technical support, stewardship and practical advice, to achieve the best possible performance from all of the company's products.

In the past year Syngenta has launched its innovative growth regulator, Primo Maxx, and three exciting new turf specific fungicides in Sweden, to give a season long disease programme and enhance playing surface quality. Further introductions are planned for turf products and support tools across the region, where Lars will work in close association with distributors and agronomists.