Greencast Sweden - Medallion Big Picture Competition



We have seen pictures of some outstanding results on greens and fairways, but we are keen to see and share any others to get the bigger picture. Simply click here to email a picture of your experience - be it a small scale trial or full greens or fairway programme.

And because we know that a picture is a powerful way to record all the great things you have done and experienced, Syngenta will present a Go-Pro action video camera to the greenkeeper with the best picture - which shows the greatest results and provides the most information for other greenkeepers to learn from.

Medallion TL has produced exceptional results this winter

Greenkeepers and club managers across the Nordics are talking about the incredible results seen with their own Medallion TL disease control trials this winter. We are repeatedly hearing of green oases of healthy treated turf, among the diseased brown, dead surfaces normally experienced moving into the spring.

Please send your pictures showing the effect of Medallion TL treatments and untreated areas or your normal winter treatments, along with details of what you applied and when?

We would also welcome your thoughts on what difference you think Medallion TL could make to your course in the future:

• Would you be able to open earlier?

• Could it save you over seeding?

• Have any players or club managers commented?

• Will you change your spring maintenance programme?

Syngenta Medallion TL spring 2013 photo competition terms & conditions