Greencast Sweden - Three exciting new turf specific fungicides for Sweden


Three exciting new turf specific fungicides for Sweden

The approval of three new Syngenta fungicides developed specifically for turf disease control now provides an exciting opportunity for greenkeepers, turf managers and agronomists in Sweden to enhance the quality and consistency of playing surfaces.

Medallion TL, Headway and Banner Maxx have now been approved for use on golf courses and other sports facilities with turf

  • Bio-inspired Contact+ activity
  • Fast action against turf pathogens on the leaf and in the thatch
  • Provides a long-lasting winter protective shield against disease
  • Fast action quickly gets to the point of disease infection
  • Unique Syngenta Maxx formulation specifically developed for turf safety
  • Cool weather systemic works very effectively for early or late season applications
  • Complimentary action of two world-leading turf active ingredients
  • Both foliar and soil acting components
  • Active recycling of fungicide gives long lasting results through the growing season

Medallion TL delivers powerful and targeted activity against pathogens responsible for the key turf diseases -Microdochium species, Anthracnose and Leaf Spot.

Te active ingredient, fludioxonil, was bio-inspired from naturally occurring soil organisms that stop fungi developing, providing an exciting new solution to turf diseases with outstanding high levels of Microdochium control and exceptional long-term results.

Syngenta Turf Technical Manager, Dr Simon Watson, highlights the innovative contact+ activity of Medallion TL takes effect on the leaf and in the thatch, reducing the pathogen population as well as creating a shield of protection for the plant to prevent infection and to stop disease spread.

"This means it is best suited to use when there is little or no turf growth - when the protective shield will stay on the leaf surface for the longest possible time," he advised. "Applied prior to snow fall, it has proven especially effective in preventing the most damaging attacks of Microdochium Patch (Pink Snow Mould) that occur under the blanket of snow cover."

Headway is the first double-action systemic turf fungicide for Sweden, with disease control activity from leaf to root from the complimentary action of two world-leading turf active ingredients - azoxystrobin and propiconazole.

"The well proven combination makes Headway an extremely reliable and highly versatile option," said Dr Watson, "with enhanced long-term systemic efficacy, increased flexibility in application and improved management of resistance risk."

The third new option, Banner Maxx, is a fast-uptake, quick-moving systemic; the fungicide active quickly moves within the plant to any point of disease infection, to target the pathogen and prevent further development.

The highly systemic movement of provides consistent high levels of disease protection over a prolonged period of time whilst the plant is growing. Most importantly, Banner Maxx is still effective at cooler temperatures, when results with other systemic fungicides which are slower to be absorbed by the plant, or move around less quickly, may be compromised.

Select the autumn / winter fungicide based on the soil temperatures as indicated in the table below: 

Proven programme results
Dr Watson reported that trials by Bioforsk in Sweden, Norway and Finland have all demonstrated the benefit of using the Syngenta Fungicide Programme, incorporating the products in sequence.

In each of the trials a late autumn application of Headway was followed by two treatments of Medallion TL going into the harsh winter conditions. Fungicide applications were timed where possible to protect clean turf, followed by pro-active treatments prior to snow cover. The results saw over 96% disease control at Tegelberga GC in Sweden, and almost total disease control (over 99%) at the Landvik Trials Ground in Norway and Harma Golf Club in Finland.

"The aim of the initial application - the T1 (Timing 1) - is to systemically clear out existing infections and latent disease. The T2 and T3 treatments are then intended to reduce pathogens in the thatch and to build a protective fungicide shield to protect the foliage from infection before the snow cover," he advised. The overall objective is to go into the winter before any snow cover with the turf clean (disease free) and healthy. Allowing infections in during the autumn, pre-snow period will reduce the longevity of fungicide applications and reduce the opportunity to go into the spring with healthy disease free turf.

"We then advocate a T4 application in early spring, to protect the new growth and actively aide the recovery of turf quality. The cool weather systemic properties of Banner Maxx are ideally suited to these conditions."

He added that Syngenta fungicides should be used as part of an Integrated Turf Management plan and in conjunction with a Primo Maxx programme to optimise plant health and vigour, and create the best possible turf surfaces throughout the year.

Enhancing player satisfaction
Syngenta Turf Business Development Manager, Rod Burke, added that preventing winter damage and getting the course back into good condition as quickly as possible is key to attract golfers and generating season long revenue. 

"Turf managers in Sweden face tough challenges posed by long winter periods with prolonged snow cover conducive to the most damaging turf diseases, compounded by extended daylight hours in summer that encourage long hours of play, with added stress that can encourage disease," he said.

"For the first time turf managers and agronomists now have a full range of fungicides specifically created for turf that will cope with the challenges all through the season."

An effective disease control programme will help to:

  • Minimise winter disease damage
  • Get the course in play sooner in the spring
  • Maintain better playing conditions through the playing season

A report by the University of Copenhagen identified Swedish golfers as the most focused on course playing quality among Nordic countries: Course condition is of great importance to (Swedish) golf players. Management of the golf course should focus on obtaining high quality, since these details are very important to the players.

"Today's golfers and sports players are ever more discerning in their demands for quality. Golf courses and sports grounds that offer the best possible playing surfaces will attract more players to the course," advised Mr Burke. "Presenting the best possible playing conditions and turf quality every time is also crucial to keep players coming back."

Syngenta quality
Syngenta is one of the world's leading science and technology business, developing key solutions for advanced plant protection. The company invests over $1bn per year in innovative R&D, including pioneering turf R&D at centres in Europe and America that have been instrumental in developing new solutions for Swedish turf managers.

All Syngenta turf products are developed and formulated to an exceptionally high standard, specifically for their safety and efficacy for use on turf. The latest developments have been backed by extensive independent local trials across Sweden and other Nordic countries.

The company provides a high level of technical support, stewardship and practical advice - to achieve the best possible performance from every one of its products. Syngenta Turf products are distributed in Sweden by Indigrow.