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Greencast Sweden - About Greencast Sweden


Swedish GreenCast website gives turf management advice on line

An exciting new dedicated turf management website has been launched specifically for greenkeepers, sports turf managers and agronomists in Sweden.The website - - provides free access to local five-day weather forecasts, with selected details that directly affect turf and turf management. It includes information on all key diseases affecting turf in Sweden, along with detailed advice for effective Integrated Turf Management (ITM).

Introducing GreenCast to Swedish greenkeepers, Syngenta Turf Business Manager for the Nordics, Lars Tveter, highlighted the website is based on Award-winning global GreenCast website technology. "The country-specific information and advice has proven extremely popular with greenkeepers and superintendents across the world, including the US, UK, Ireland and Australia. Now Swedish turf managers can access and utilise the same powerful resources.

"GreenCast weather forecasts and details of other information are provided in an easy to use graphic format and quick reference tables," he reported. "You can email the information, or print out the page to display in the office when allocating greenkeeping tasks, or to provide weather information to club management and players."

Lars added that the GreenCast Disease Notes will help turf managers know what to look out for and when - along with details of the conditions to predict when and where disease may strike and enable proactive measures before damage occurs.

"Furthermore, the advice on the Integrated Turf Management (ITM) techniques will minimise the risk of attacks. The combination of effective ITM and well-timed fungicide applications has been proven to keep turf in the best of health and the highest quality playing surfaces," he said.

Although GreenCast is entirely new for Sweden, the Syngenta website holds a vast resource of historic weather data that can be quickly accessed through the site. "You can use this information to identify historic periods of rainfall, temperature and soil temperature that would have had an impact on turf health and management," said Lars.

"An understanding of the relationship between weather and turf disease in the past, is essential in planning actions to prevent further damaging attacks in the future," he advised.

Other features include application advice, environmental information and full details of all Syngenta Turf products and advice on their use. The site is available free to all greenkeepers, turf managers, agronomists and turf students with a quick registration on

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